Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 update to The Credit Road Map

I am finishing up a major revision to The Credit Road Map for 2015 and sending it to the printer in June so the revised book can be delivered by the end of June to everyone who buys it as a presale. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the book I would love to hear your input. You can learn more about the updated book project here and check out the presale rewards: http://creditliteracyproject.com/the-credit-road-map-2015/

Here is what I have changed in the book so far:

- The original book has 231 pages, right now 120 pages have updates and the new release will be between 275 – 300 pages.
- In-depth examples of credit reports and the correlating credit score to give a more hands on approach to how the contents of a credit report produce a particular score. I have a generic credit report format I will be plugging examples into. We will cover FICO scores from 500 up to 800. Visually demonstrating how the information in the book ties into actual reports and FICO scores will be a huge addition.
- Deeper look at 800 FICO score credit reports and breaking down how the FICO score was achieved.
- Step-by-step actions and timeframe of a FICO score improvement from high 500 range to high 600 / low 700 based on real examples.
- Recovery from foreclosure, bankruptcy and short sale.
- More credit scenarios, the composite stories of the issues people come to me with and what I see on credit reports daily.
- How to make the mortgage process easier by learning from the mistakes of others and what not to do leading up to and during the process.
- More legal references to court cases impacting consumer credit rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and references to court decisions since the last release in 2007.
- And much more!!

If you make a presale purchase before April 30th your name will be listed on the supporters page in the book with a big thank you from me. Here is a link to the presale page, click any reward to be taken to the online shopping cart: http://creditliteracyproject.com/the-credit-road-map-2015/

Here is a link to the shopping cart: http://creditliteracyproject.com/purchase-book/

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime via email or on my cell phone.